Welcome to my universe

༻❁༺ About my blog ༻❁༺ 

Hello beautiful readers, and welcome to my blog.

“Being spiritual has nothing to do with what you believe and everything to do with your state of consciousness”
~Eckhart Tolle~

I have always been very passionate about writing as I feel it allows me to explore and communicate the deepest parts of myself in an intricately beautiful way. Words are a very powerful tool in the search for truth, and it is through mine that I find myself forever discovering more and more about myself and the incredible universe that surrounds us. 
Ever since I was little I was always writing and telling stories or documenting my many thoughts or feelings on paper. As I grew up,  although I  continued to journal,  I stopped sharing my writing as I became weighed down by the expectations I put on myself to be “perfect” or to fit within the image of who I believed everybody thought I was.
However, by becoming the true observer of myself and my own life I have learnt to not put too much weight on my situation, circumstance, thoughts, or emotions, in doing so I have begun to live in accordance with the natural law of impermanence. When we learn to sync with the ever flowing nature of all that is,  we come to see that the things we hung onto and allowed to affect us so much were all ultimately temporary.  With this understanding I have embarked on a journey to truly free myself of past conditioning and programs and come to embody the Goddess I have always been. A big part of this growth for me has been becoming more transparent and open with even my inner most thoughts, emotions and battles, so here I am!
I will be filling this blog with an endless flow of creative and factual pieces, some of which may be a little spiny, complex or long but are all creations from my heart, open to the interpretation and understanding of the reader.
My Empirical Truth is an expression of the truth I have come to know through the many experiences I’ve had and continue to have, on this earth. For it is only through experience that I believe we can truly explore the depths of who we are. While my writing is subjective to my own experiences, perspectives and understanding, I aim to illustrate that while we all have our own belief systems and philosophies, it is only through setting aside these differences that we can all work towards the positive transformation of all life on this Earth.
By sharing my journey I seek to inspire and guide any who wish to learn to love themselves unconditionally, to always fully appreciate every moment of their lives and to ultimately become the best version of themselves. Ultimately it is you that inspires and guides yourself, I am simply here to be the reflection you need to see. 
You are always the perfect version of yourself in every moment. You are you and that is indescribably beautiful in itself. 

༻❁༺ A little about who I am༻❁༺ 

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world”
~Mahatma Gandhi~

I have spent the past year or so traveling, learning, growing and ultimately learning to embody my truth. My journey is an ever flowing stream of experiences, with each passing moment more knowledge of self is unveiled.I am always seeking to expand my awareness, and to learn all that I can from every situation that is presented before me. 
I have always been passionate and positive about life itself, with a natural enthusiasm and love for all that IS. I am in my element when exchanging wisdom, insight and self-knowledge with all those who share my spirit. For I truly believe that open and honest communication, in all its forms, allows us to develop the true authentic connections which we are ALL so capable of. Through ultimate connection to one self and those around us we begin to realize a world of community, compassion and Unconditional Love.
You decide how you create and perceive your reality, so choose wisely.

For a long time I pushed my passion for creating positive change, helping others to realize and embody their empowerment, and essentially playing my part in the creation of a better world, to back of my mind. I had no idea how I would achieve any of this, therefore I allowed my mind to convince me that I had to be passionate about something “realistic”. Ultimately I came to believe that I was not capable of achieving all that I knew I was here to realize.
Since I left the world that had consumed me for so long, the little bubble of comfort we all get so easily stuck in, I have come to realize that there are a countless number of things we can all do to help transform the universe we live in today. What I was truly passionate about was myself. I found myself filled with an indescribable drive to become the absolute best version of myself that I can truly be, to learn to love myself unconditionally and wholly, and to effectively BE the change that I wish to see in this beautiful world.
We all have our different parts to play, each equally as uniquely beautiful, we simply have to discover where it is that we thrive. It was through helping myself that I knew I would truly help the universe and those I share it with. By sharing my writing I hope to instill within you a motivation to discover, to grow, to learn and to love unconditionally. I welcome comments, suggestions or constructive criticisms as I am always open to changing my perspectives and expanding my mind. I hope you enjoy all that you read, as much or as little of it as you feel inclined unravel. 
I wish to embed Love,Light and Happiness into the hearts of ALL.