Welcome to my universe

༻❁༺ About my blog ༻❁༺ 

Hello beautiful readers, and welcome to my blog.

“Being spiritual has nothing to do with what you believe and everything to do with your state of consciousness”
~Eckhart Tolle~

Every moment our lives are flooded with countless experiences. As each moment arises, a new opportunity for wisdom and growth is born. My words are an interpretation of the truth I have found in those moments.
While empirical knowledge commonly focusses only on sense experience, I believe it is through all types of experience and observation that we can gain true wisdom. Intellectual knowledge is very limited in the ways that it can truly change us, as there are many things we can never really know until we experience them. For experiential wisdom seeps into the framework of our bodies, transforming us in ways far beyond the capabilities of intellectual knowledge.
In a world where there is so much misrepresented and manipulated knowledge it has become increasingly more important for us to be able to think outside the predefined constraints of society and our own minds. Words are an extremely powerful tool in the search for truth, and it is through mine that I hope to convey my raw-rest, most undefined thought and emotion. This is a space created to break boundaries, to explore our limitless potential and to gain the deep awareness of ourselves and the universe that will allow us to truly impact the world in the incredibly progressive ways we are all capable of. 
In accordance with the law of impermanence, my words are forever changing. As I realize, feel and explore new concepts and topics my opinions and viewpoints are constantly shifting. Everything in this universe is subject to the law of impermanence and its important to allow your perspective to be one of those things too. My writing is the truest representation of my journey, therefore the pieces I write are always a direct reflection of what I am experiencing at that time. This blog will be filled with an endless flow of creative and factual pieces, some of which may be a little complex or long, but are all creations from my heart, open to the interpretation and understanding of the reader. While my writing is subjective to my own experiences, perspectives and understanding, ultimately I aim to illustrate that while we all have our own belief systems and philosophies, it is only through understanding these differences that we can all work towards the positive transformation of all life on this Earth. Through out my life I have found it hard to find a way to express myself without fearing the judgement of others, my writing has allowed me to channel this fear. There have been times where I have been very attached to my opinions and thoughts, this has led me to become defensive or hurt when I am criticized or corrected. I believe we are living in an age where we are in danger of becoming too sensitive in this sense. We prefer to be sheltered from opposing viewpoints, our egos molly cuddled by those who already share our perceptions. Yet there is no growth here. You do not learn from those who parrot your ever word, you learn from those who challenge you. Therefore more than anything I wish to encourage others to comment, discuss and even constructively criticize my work. This is not an echo chamber. It is a space for growth, open communication and discussion, a place where we can learn from each other’s views, opinions and feelings, as we all work together for a universal community. However, any such journey begins with self love. It begins with the realization that your are not your opinions, thoughts or emotions therefore there is no need to fear their critic. Lets learn to love ourselves unconditionally, to always fully appreciate every moment of our lives and to embark or continue on our  journeys of self-growth and discovery. As we all come to realize sooner or later that everything that we have ever wanted to heal, create or change starts from within, we begin to appreciate the inconceivable value of  self-love and acceptance. Ignite the spark of inspiration within you and allow me to be whatever reflection you need to see. I hope you enjoy all that you read, as much or as little of it as you feel inclined unravel.
I wish to embed Love & Light into all of your hearts.

༻❁༺ A little about who I am༻❁༺ 

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world”
~Mahatma Gandhi~

As with all of us, there is so much that contributes to who I am or who I believe myself to be. Our illusion of “self” is an intricate make up of experiences, conditioning, relationships and biology, which is constantly changing as we experience and learn new things. So below are a just few words about me and my world.
My passion for life itself knows no bounds. I try to create and be the change that is needed. With a natural enthusiasm and love for all that IS, I am in my element when exchanging wisdom, insight and self-knowledge with all those who share my spirit.
It has always been apparent to me that the most important thing in life is to be constantly learning, growing and becoming a truer version of myself. For me, it is only through healing myself first that I knew I will truly be able to help the universe and those I share it with. While I always try to see the beauty in this world I am also very aware of the harsh horrors that are a reality for many. My mum’s side of the family are from the Dominican Republic, so from a young age I had already been exposed to the deep suffering of those in particularly impoverished and deprived societies. As I have travelled more, my awareness of these tragedies has only increased, along with a pure desire to serve and help in any way I can. However, my calling to help suffering stretches beyond the physical realm, to a suffering that is universal in nature; a profound suffering of the mind.
Over the past few years I have had the opportunity to step into the unknown and begin to free myself of old programs and conditioning that no longer serve me. This time, among many things, taught me how to begin to purify my mind of hatred, regret, envy, manipulation etc.
I have always been very passionate about writing as I feel it allows me to explore and communicate the deepest parts of myself in an intricately beautiful way. Most importantly writing has always been my way of releasing the free flowing aspects of myself. Throughout my life it has helped me gain awareness and knowledge over the impermanent nature of my thoughts and emotions, in turn helping me to become the true observer and master & creator of my own reality. When we learn to sync with the ever flowing nature of all that is,  we come to see that the things we hung onto and allowed to affect us so much were all ultimately temporary. For a long time, although I  continued to journal,  I stopped sharing my writing as I became weighed down by the expectations I put on myself to be “perfect” or to fit within the image of who I believed everybody thought I was. Amongst many things this blog is a way of overcoming those fears, as I work to become more transparent with even my deepest thoughts, emotions and battles. Within me is a deep desire to create ethical, environmental and social change in whatever ways I can, this blog is a way to share and spread those ideas (gotta start somewhere;))
In the last year or so I have become progressively more passionate about philosophy, as I have seen how important it has been in my life. Philosophical inquiry provokes analysis and interpretation, it develops an ability to question the nature of our inner and outer worlds, allowing us to gain objectivity and ultimately live healthier more fulfilling lives. By questioning and analyzing we realize what no longer serves us and what does. When we apply this on a larger scale to the universe itself, we begin to share in the vision of a world where a humane quality of life is possible for everyone on earth. We all have our different parts to play in the ongoing struggle for better, no matter how small, I believe they are all ultimately important. From my experience it is the many little things that we do as individuals which help to transform society and the universe as a whole. Though we may not see it on the surface, we are all inextricably intertwined, something which we should be aware of as we choose our thoughts, words and actions wisely. Once we learn open and honest communication ( in all its forms ) we can develop the authentic soulful connections that create the understanding and empathy that drives us to help others. We are all capable of truly intimate connection, we simply have to connect deeply with ourselves first. We all hold the power to decide how to create and perceive our realities, so let’s choose wisely.