The movement of my mind

My mind moves, constantly changing its perception in sync with the waves of emotion that course through my body, forever flowing, they never seize, like the cycles of life.  The depth that this emotional wave affects me too is beyond conception of anyone outside my mind. As my mind falls out of alignment with my heart, my emotions un align from my actions, I plateau. I reach a place of stillness where only my mind remains revolving, processing, yet also procrastinating. My true self is ultimately so aware of the mind, yet that does not stop it from taunting constantly with its trivial little games. As the wave lulls my mind jumps at the opportunity to revolve around negative patterns yet my true self is too aware for this to go unnoticed. I feel my mind wander only to be caught by self a few minutes later. This doesn’t make it feel any easier, the chatter becomes predictable almost as if self knows the games the mind is playing, she has heard this tune many a time, yet can only accept and look on amused, allowing the wave to lull, only to then peak again. The reality of this observation is one of true beauty. To truly observe and know one’s mind unlocks limitless potential within you. Living outside of the mind, the world truly becomes magical. I feel the strongest parts of my mind play on the remaining insecurities, hoping to sink the self into the depths of the wave, yet self prevails. My mind’s eye becomes tinted in correlation to where I am in my wave, at its depths a dark tint shrouds my world consuming every part and thought within it. Yet even within the depths of my mind the true self exists; The warrior queen of Unconditional Love and Light that is always observing.. a gentle reminder from reality. Reality always surpasses the mind, true alignment is impossible to compete with.

As my wave continues its dance I  come to accept and allow the natural cycle of my universe, I appreciate my journey as it is when it is, for it is all that exists. Each moment brings clarity as it occurs just as it was meant to occur. I feel complete compassion for my journey, acting in each moment with alignment to my emotions, allowing them to dictate my path as the mind strays from its true purpose. Time is my ally, only time will bring true clarity. I accept that there is no absolute clarity for the only clarity that truly exists is that which you know in the NOW, yet does there need to be any other?
Would it even be real if there was?
I know the answers,
I embody the answers, 
I am the answers.

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