The unknown

As I dove into the depths of my mind I was presented with a completely new realm; a vast ocean of endlessly swirling possibilities and potentials, waiting to be cultivated from the subconscious to the surface:conscious awareness. The possibilities are truly limitless, requiring only our awareness to bring them to fruition. True empowerment lies beyond the realm of what is known by the mind, here exists a field of pure potentiality, a breeding ground for ultimate creation.

The unknown; an endless void full of unrealized possibilities, where everything exists as a thought rather than an actuality giving you the ultimate power to create the physical reality you have always desired.

In the society that we live in today the unknown is commonly seen through the eyes of fear. Amongst other things, this is due to the fact that subconsciously our minds have been conditioned and programmed to view everything unpredictable or unfamiliar as something to be afraid of. In reality this mind created fear is fear of what we think we know the unknown will hold. Essentially it is a nonexistent. See, in order to be afraid of something in this way you must be living outside the present moment. Since nothing exists outside of the now, this fear is simply the minds creation of a negative premonition of what you believe could happen. Doesn’t this seem ridiculous? To allow one’s mind to create scenarios that are simply possibilities and put so much weight on them that you begin to change your present self to accommodate to that fear?
Although this may seem ridiculous now it has been bought to your awareness, it is in fact a constantly looping cycle that many of us continue to play throughout our entire lives. We spend our whole lives unconsciously developing mental habits and tendencies, creating and cementing thought patterns and emotional responses to all the situations and experiences that we have been, are, and could possibly be experiencing, till it gets to the point that we think we can predict how things will go. It is one of the minds methods of control. If the mind thinks it knows what will happen next it feels safe. However these patterns can send us spiraling deeper and deeper into a world controlled by our own expectations, in this world we begin to truly live inside a trap created by our minds. A trap of expectation in which you have now allowed yourself to believe your mind knows how you will react or respond to situations in your life, therefore you are no longer giving yourself the option to choose from the limitless outcomes that are actually possible. This trap of expectation not only eludes us into living within the constraints of our self-expectation but also opens the door for others to treat us the same way.

Each mind has its own unique perception, no two people will ever perceive the exact same reality, it is both the most beautiful and tormenting aspect of who we are as beings. Each individual creates with their minds a picture of who they think they are; the “ego” self, the identity or personality. This “ego” self then continues to create an image for everyone they know based on their past actions, words, traits or experiences.  The “ego” self hates change, it hates the idea that someone,  or worse even you, could stray from this mentally fabricated image, because if you did it would lose control, it wouldn’t know who you were outside of your ego identity.

The fear takes over. The fear of the unknown, the fear of the you that exists outside of the mentally created image that identifies solely with the “ego” , the fear that is completely irrational and self-inflicted. This fear is non-existent for things will simply be as they are.  We as infinite beings of Love and Light know this, even if it has been buried deep beneath a sea of conditioning. We are forever growing and changing and if we don’t create a space for ourselves to undergo this natural growth and progression we become stagnant, living our whole lives trying to fit into not only our own mental image but also that of others or the environment around us. These unhealthy patterns begin to define us. Everything outside the image of who you are supposed to be ; the unknown you, the real you that exists beyond the trap of our minds, becomes something to be afraid of. Any decision that your mind believes could create an outcome outside of what you deem to know begins to scare you. Nobody wants to their life governed by fear.

Your mind is a survival tool. Fear is a survival mechanism that occurs when your brain senses a risk. A mechanism that was extremely useful in a time where we had to face life threatening situations in order to just feed ourselves and our family as it allows us to think creatively in the name of survival. Yet it has quickly become misplaced in a day and age where we no longer have to endure such dangers in our day to day lives.  The mind also uses fear and control to best serve the “ego” self which thrives off external approval and acceptance. Since the mind is driven by fear and control it likes nothing less than change or the unknown because its programming has not reached this far, in this realm it has no idea what patterns to put into play, and this scares it. However our minds are so much more powerful than we realize and can not only survive but thrive and create in the realm of the unknown, we just have to teach them how to. We can either choose to live our whole lives solely identifying and basing our self-value on our minds, allowing our thoughts to run ramped , completely governing our actions.

“We do not fear the unknown, we fear what we think we know about the unknown”
~Teal Swan~

Or we can choose to identify outside of the mind and seize control of our lives by choosing to step outside and view the antics of the mind from the point of an observer. In doing so we observe the “negative” patterns and thought processes and learn to catch ourselves in these habits, therefore we are no longer controlled or governed by them but we simply view them objectively. You begin to notice that although the “negative” thoughts and emotions still effect you, this effect no longer consumes you, it simply passes as you observe the same old habits comically, watching them slip away. Rather than seeing the thoughts that come to your mind or the emotions you feel as a definition of who you are, as you would if you identified solely with your ego self , you see it instead as an opportunity to gain more wisdom of your mind ,which in turn allows you to train it further.  By treating these free flowing aspects accordingly you have begun to actualize and align yourself with the universal law of impermanence, you now not only know but understand the impermanence of our external reality, and that within the framework of our bodies. This knowledge is extremely valuable because it allows us to gain true objectivity over the situations and experiences in our lives, as when we truly realize nothing lasts forever it allows us to detach ourselves enough to not allow every little thing to influence or define us. In regards to the “negative” thought patterns or emotions that are still there, you are now simply aware of them arising and then passing away, because like everything in this universe; they are impermanent. The less consumed you become by your thoughts and emotions the less power your mind has over you and the more true freedom you have. Once we free ourselves completely from this illusion of sense of self depending on and identifying solely with the mind, we come to see that the unknown is nothing to be afraid of, the unknown is the true breeding ground of all creation, creativity, growth and change. You begin to see it would make no sense that one could change or create something in an environment where one’s mind believes it can predict the outcomes. The unknown on the other hand is pure freedom, a void between what we know and what we could create if we truly begun to utilize our minds as the tools that they really are.

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