༻❁༺ This page is dedicated to pieces I have written around certain themes I believe to be important and relevant to all of our lives. Through exploring these concepts we expand our awareness and it is through their implementation that these truths allow us to grow&flourish into the truest most authentic versions of ourselves ༻❁༺  

“We are stars wrapped in skin, the light you are seeking has always been within” ~unknown~


Total responsibility is the key to leading our lives exactly as we wish. It “allows us to claim ownership of the circumstances in our lives, and thereby, to contribute to making them better”. As implied by the language, “response ability ” is the capability to choose how we respond to everything that we experience; empowerment in its purest form. This realization can feel both intensely liberating and totally burdensome. Yet responsibility is not blame. In the sense intended here, it refers to the understanding that we in fact have total control over how we conduct ourselves, despite the common belief that circumstances, emotions or people force us to act in certain ways. The responses and thoughts that we choose, attract our experiences, in turn creating our realities. We are the masters and creators of our own universes; directly responsible for all that happens to us. It is the most beautifully freeing truth we can ever come to acknowledge.

The majority of us who live in the western world today have everything we could ever possibly need or even want within an arm’s reach. Everything in our society is set up to maximize convenience and comfort, with the technological evolution of products constantly being focussed on the newest gadgets that make life easier for us, a reality that is worrying in many senses. Essentially, the advancements of society seem to be conditioning us to become less self reliant, more lazy and ultimately less responsible for our own lives. While we were once capable of feeding, counseling or curing ourselves we now rely on professionals to decide everything for us. They guide us completely, and not always correctly. From the very minute we are in our mothers tummies she begins consulting someone on the appropriate way to give birth, to nurse her baby and raise her child. Once in the education system our choices are narrowed from day one. As kids, we are asked at a dangerously young age what we want to become. Our abilities become tailored to our specific goal. We become a professional in one tiny sliver of reality, the rest becomes someone else’s responsibility. This is can then be combined with the common scientific belief that life ultimately has no meaning; a reductionist view which I believe may have led us to become more irresponsible. As Jordan Peterson put it; people choose to believe there is no meaning because its easier. If nothing matters, you don’t need to take responsibility for your self or whatever actions you choose. I think we need to be asking ourselves whether we truly want to minimize the amount of responsibility we take for who we have become and what we have created? Do we want to live meaningless lives with no control over our own destinies?

The lack of meaning assigned to events, thoughts and emotions relieves us of many moral and physcological responsibilities. If nothing has meaning then it doesn’t matter how you act, think or feel because ultimately none of it means anything. The system of belief that you hold yourself to guides your actions, and while we are all entitled to our own ideas, the minute they begin to impede on the well being of ourselves and others around us, we need to start taking a look within and questioning how we are choosing to live our lives. Clinical phycologist Jordan B Peterson made a very interesting link between the lack of meaning and the failure to take responsibility. He illustrated how many of us spend our lives feeling purposeless in a search for meaning, due to the lack of responsibility that we take. People don’t want to add meaning to their lives because then they have to be responsible and that takes effort. He goes on to states that if we begun to make an effort to take responsibility we would inevitably find meaning, for we would automatically need to justify why we were choosing to conduct ourselves properly. For example if we choose to do something for the good of others we automatically assume a belief in moral responsibility. Therefore, by holding ourselves accountable, we act for the benefit of not only ourselves but also the collective.

The manifestation of a social direction that does not promote or encourage self liability also creates a lack of appreciation for what we do have, instead focussing our minds on what we don’t have. Most of us have so little to worry about in our daily lives that we start to develop a mental tendency to create our own problems, issues that are in reality non existent. Through this mind state many of us come to believe we are victims of other people’s actions and of our own lives. In fact those of us who have been born into loving families, who have a home,  nourishment and warmth in our hearts, are already so much more fortunate than we can ever come to give gratitude for. However, as we sink into this mind state of little gratitude we begin to feel like we are a total victim. We begin to believe that those around us or the universe itself owes us something. This is then, in turn, used as an excuse to lash out, to act obliviously and destructively. For when you are unaware of your self created issues, it’s always  everybody else’s fault, but never yours. Because of what you think someone did to you, you believe that you deserve to get away with such actions, you use the justification of what has happened to you in the past to try to explain to yourself why you keep choosing to act in such self destructive ways. Your past justifies your present, which then becomes a repetition of the past, a cycle of self destruction that is never ending. It is a cracked record that you will continue to play. A sound that nobody else can hear, for ultimately it can only hurt you.

Once you realize that other people’s actions are not done to you but to themselves and that their actions are simply a reflection of whatever they are experiencing, you stop putting so much weight on how other people talk to you, act towards you, or treat you. One then has the ability to not take everything so personally, to realize that it is your response to a situation that determines the way it effects you. Everything in your life does not happen TO you but FOR your growth.

Many of us have a tendency to project our own issues onto those around us, as it is always easier to take things out on others than to deal with the real roots of your pain. On this note, it is essential to realize that the projection of other people’s issues has nothing to do with you, it simply means that you are mirroring back something which clearly triggers them. If they are not ready to face that part of themselves yet, then they will project it onto you rather than dealing with whatever issue you have highlighted to them. I remember the famous saying; that what annoys you most in others is always something which you have not come to accept within yourself, or it would not bother you so much. Through out my experiences I have come to see how true this is. Instead of automatically assuming that every time someone annoys, angers or upsets me that there is something wrong with them, I try to look within and see why it gets to me so much. Usually it is a part of myself that I have not yet come to love or accept fully, therefore when I see it magnified in them, it illuminates a feeling of detest towards myself.
In conclusion; when others treat you badly they are simply treating themselves in such a way, as sooner or later it will come back round to them. If this treatment continues to affect you, all you have to do is remove yourself from such energies until they have chosen to begin healing themselves.

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“The moment you take responsibility for everything in your life is the moment you can change anything in your life”
~Hal Elrod~

Furthermore, actions exist objectively. They happen as they are meant to. It is the perception of, and response to, the action that determines whether we decide to internalize it or not. We do not have to allow other people’s behavior or opinions to affect us personally, it is our choice to believe that their actions or words were aimed at us.

You can never blame or hold another to the path they have chosen to take, or the decisions they choose to make. Whether we make choices from a place of  conscious awareness or from total obliviousness, it usually comes from what we believe to be best for ourselves. Although not everyone’s path resonates with your truth, you must allow others to make their own  decisions and have their own experiences, trusting that they need to in order to grow into who they will become. Since we all see things very differently, we must always respect and honor the journeys of those around us. We are not them, we will never fully understand why they do what they do.

In my mind there there is no such thing as mistake, it is always a choice. Our choices simply determine when and in which area of life we grow. Each decision holds the same potential for further awareness of self, we only need to open our eyes. For it is in fact our greatest “mistakes” that teaches us our biggest lessons.

Through the embodiment of complete responsibility you no longer feel hurt or upset by other people’s behavior. You may still experience these emotions, but you know that what you feel in moments is not what you ultimately believe. Instead,  you are now able to hold space for those who are fighting internal battles, as you possess complete compassion for all that their journey is, simultaneously holding within you a deep understanding that they must make their own “mistakes”. As the true embodiment of the incredible master and creator that you are, you will always love unconditionally without expectation of reward or reciprocation.

The laws of the universe are such that the more you come to embody a reckless version of self, the more you pretend not to care about anybody, the more you run from yourself and the responsibility of your own life, the more you will continue to attract to yourself the situations that you believe you are such a victim of. The answer is simple, like everything in life, it is a choice. Wake up one day and stop choosing to repeat the negative cycles, the destructive behaviors, and create change for yourself, for until you yourself decide to end this loop it will not cease to repeat. You and only you have the power to change yourself.

The moment you begin to act differently, the minute you begin to live by who you want to be rather than the victim who continues to attract what they do not want into their life, everything will change. Until you make this choice your are essentially expecting everything around you to change without you having to do anything, does this sound like a realistic expectation?

You are a conscious being with the free will to do as you choose, you exercise this freedom in other areas of your life so why not now? Accept your reality, accept everything that you have done and all that you have been through. The things you are proud of and also those you are not proud of. Recognize that it was ALL part of your journey, they were ALL lessons you needed to learn. Realize that those who love you unconditionally will never hold you to your past actions or behaviors, they will respect and honor the fact that you are owning your journey, for only a coward runs from facing himself. True respect is felt for those who no matter what, always take complete and total responsibility for all that have created for themselves, the “good” and the “bad”.

Although initially the realization that all your issues are self created, that you have been the one making yourself miserable, that it was not what anyone else did to you that made you feel the way you do, comes as a massive blow; a massive blow to the ego mind. The same ego mind, that in attempt to keep itself in control, kept telling you that it wasn’t you, that it was the way people treated you that made you act the way you did. If only your external reality changed then you would too, sound familiar? It always starts from within, your external world is directly created by how you perceive things, a perception that correlates directly with who you are inside and where you are at in your internal world.

Your ego mind is not you, it’s not who you TRULY are, therefore there is no need to allow these thoughts or even beliefs to dictate your life. Through accepting total responsibility for everything in your life, whilst holding a deep sense of compassion and acceptance for ALL that you have chosen to experience and ultimately standing fiercely empowered in the truth of who you are, you will come to liberate yourself from your past, for it does not have to define who you are now.

As the absolute master and creator of your reality, the master who has taken responsibility for every aspect of their life, you will be completely free to start creating and attracting all that you truly desire. With the newfound knowledge that you were the creator of so many of your issues, you are also now aware that you are the solution to them all. You now have the ability to start vibrating higher, and to ultimately start achieving all that you believed you couldn’t before. As soon as you start personifying this truth, with complete totality and honesty, you will see.

For self responsibility is not heavy but weightless, it will uplift you, allowing you to flow through life effortlessly. So own it, own your journey. Be directly responsible for everything in your life. It is up to you to interpret the situations that arise in your life as such. The choice has been and always will be yours, to make, or not to make.

An exploration of fear and anxiety

What it is that makes it so hard for us to live without anxiety, fear or worry? Why is it that so many of us feel constant comparison and competition? Could these feelings be so deeply imbedded within us and our society that they are inescapable?

Who we were, are, and will become is an intricate composition of nature and nurture. Human nature itself hold countless different components, many beyond my understanding at this point. However, my recent experiences with self-doubt and anxiety have sparked within me a desire to discover what lies beneath such intensely all-consuming sensations. With anxiety, self-doubt and insecurity seemingly at the forefront of our reality, I feel that it is really important that such feelings are understood and explored on a deeper level. In my own life, a more profound understanding has increased my awareness of such feelings, in turn enabling me to address them from more of an objective point of view. In the words that follow, I have delved into one idea of where it may all have come from.

When I feel anxiety, I feel the liquid fire of intensely cold fear.  A deep sense of dread consumes me, numbing me to my surroundings. My awareness heightens, leaving me with a feeling of complete vulnerability, likeable to that of a child in danger. A voice within my own mind critiques my life harshly, it watches my every move, judging and instilling fear and doubt within everything I do. Why is it that I am afraid? What do I have to be scared of?

My mind ponders the root cause of fear, like everything it must have its purpose. Fundamentally, I found that it is a survival mechanism that occurs when the brain senses a risk. It also enables our minds to think more creatively, helping us to survive dangerous situations. Both are functions which were constantly necessary in a time where we faced life threatening risks in our day to day lives. An age when situations of grave danger were vital to the survival of ourselves, our family’s or even our whole tribes. Our minds are also wired to predict future situations with an awareness of what could go wrong. “From the very advent of agriculture, worries about the future became major players in the theatre of the human mind” Put expertly by Yuval Harari author of Homo Sapiens. At the beginning of the agricultural revolution, it was with anxious minds and hearts that the farmers watched the skies, hoping for signs of rain to feed their crops. Their fears and worries were real, without the blessing of the rain there crops would die, causing themselves and their families to starve to death. This worry for the future is ingrained deeper than we know, for it is one of the minds ways of helping us avoid danger in the outside world. However, it is also a process which I believe to this day induces a lot of unnecessary anxiety . Essentially it means are brains are naturally programmed to take us out of the present moment. In my experience it is often a lack of presence that causes us to feel anxious about situations that haven’t even happened yet, as we struggle to predict and control what is beyond our power. Often this comes in the form of worry. We begin to overthink and worry about things that we need to do, then we become anxious thinking that we either have to many things to do at once or we are not capable of doing them. The best course of action in these cases is always to act. To act on your thoughts before you give yourself the chance to overthink. What we do not realize is that even if the situation was to become dangerous or we were not able to complete what we wanted to, we have only increased our suffering by experiencing it as a thought as well as a reality. I believe that in a day and age where we no longer face constant threat, these brain processes which were once so useful have quickly turned necessary fear into self-inflicted anxiety.

I began to observe within myself what else it was that generated unnecessary worry and “unwanted” nerves.  I discovered that these feelings were triggered not only by fear but also by competition or comparison to myself or those around me. It was the need to be better than or more than I was,  the feeling of not living up to the expectation of image, society or myself. Again, maybe these responses are imbedded, for competition and comparison were also tools that were vital for our survival. To be stronger, greater and ultimately better, allowed you to live longer, to survive when overs could not. Yet in most of our lives, a time when humans had to fight for enough resources to exist, is no longer. In my mind I begin to see why the western world is so riddled with feelings that no longer serve us.

I recently read an incredible book called Illusion and Reality ; The Meaning of Anxiety by David Smail which inspired me to look around at the society that we live in, it was then that I began to see things from another angle. I began to question whether these feelings were in fact induced by the society we have created, could they be a method of keeping us under control, a way of suppressing our true potential? When you do not love yourself wholly, when you believe that you are not enough, you spend your time filling yourself with fear, comparing doubting and worrying, forgetting that you are capable of the life you desire. Essentially you become passive, acceptant of treatment and a life that you do not truly want. Your limitless potential burns out, like the last flame of a dying fire. By competing amongst ourselves we forget to question the system, we forget to compete for a better world. All that is truly important becomes clouded by our own overwhelming inner struggle.

Once we realize that the only true competition is ourselves, it is then that we begin to work endless on our own growth and development, a process which threatens the control based society that we know today. Smail illustrated how we have given so much power to the eyes of society or as he called it the “other” that we have begun to live our whole lives seeking approval from this essentially non-existent entity. Rather than seeking to address the real issues of the overall system we are left so crippled by our own need to belong that we simply seek its approval. The “other” refers to everybody else but ourselves. It refers to the invisible pressure that we feel to be and act in a certain way. It’s presence holds power beyond speech and form. We have all at one point or another felt the judging gaze of the “other” yet we have also all taken part in it ourselves. Ultimately we are just as much a part of it as we are on the outside. However, when fear grips our every inch it is easier to join the judging masses than stand alone. Through a fear of not belonging we subject others to a feeling that we ourselves know to be so harmful. Therefore, if we truly educated ourselves on the reality we live in, would we no longer need to create this perfect image of ourselves and our lives? Would we realize that we have nothing to show or prove? Would we see that the validation we seek comes from within?

Smail went on to illustrate how it is more than a need to show off to any specific person but rather to show to this other (the eyes of society)  hat we have in some way amounted to something, that we have achieved success. Yet what is success? Do we even know what our own definition of success is? Or are we just blindly following the ideals of society?

The cycle of not feeling like we are enough, of feeling like we need outside validation to assure us we are who we should be, becomes endless.  So in an attempt to make sure we are meeting the expectations of the norm, we compare. We compare compulsively. We either conclude that we are better, inflating our egos and sense of self-importance. Or we leave feeling riddled with anxiety and inadequacy, having decided we are “worse”. It never ends in victory. Furthermore, what we compare ourselves too is more often than not a surface level, carefully chosen representation of somebody else’s life. It doesn’t represent their struggles, it doesn’t account for their own feelings of anxiety or inadequacy, it is simply a false comparison. One can never really know what is going on in another person’s inner world. It’s a very dangerous game to play, as we are all ultimately striving for something that is nothing more than a façade. In reality there is no “better” or “worse” as we are all uniquely beautiful beings who can only ever be the best version of ourselves. Therefore is this knowledge simply not embodied to its full extent? Or is there more to it?

From my own experiences, I have felt how deep these feelings can run. So as I delved into our biological dispositions, it all clicked. It became crystal clear why a society that wanted to maintain control would toy with our deepest human instincts.

As I looked closer I saw how comparison and judgement stretched far beyond social media, film, family jobs or advertising, from the minute we were born a box of expectation begins to form around us. An image we hold ourselves too begins to take shape. I remember as I was growing up, I would be told things about myself and about who I was. Others around me would say things such as  “she’s clever” “she’s naughty” or “she’s pretty” etc. Unknown to me, my identity was being created. Who I was, was formulating right before my eyes. As I grew a little older and became more aware of myself, I begun to act accordingly to the labels which had been placed upon me, all the time believing that they were just who I was. I would then go on to describe myself using the attributes to which I had been ascribed. I was fortunate enough to be brought up in a home with an extremely loving and accepting family who always allowed me the freedom to express myself freely and to be whoever I wanted to be. Apart from the home the only other means of conditioning in a child’s life is the education system. Therefore, without a compassionate, loving and safe home life the fear of not being enough runs even deeper. Emphasized by an unhealthy educational system based on unfair comparison, competition and expectation, an environment that thrives off labels, classification and judgment. A place where from a very young age you are told who you are and what you will amount to. Yet despite this incredible childhood, for which I am so grateful, I was still subject to the inescapable categorization of the world that we live in. Categorization ultimately makes it harder to break free. By labelling oneself as an anxious person rather than simply acknowledging that you feel anxiety in certain moments, you automatically put yourself in a box. You begin to identify with something that is impermanent. In doing so you begin to believe that is just who you are, that there is no other version of you to be.

“Nothing diminishes anxiety faster than action”
~Dan Millman~

Later in life I began to notice that the words that had been used to describe me didn’t even necessarily fit, they weren’t really the me that I knew or wanted to be, I was more than “clever” or “naughty” I just hadn’t had the chance to figure it out because I had been too busy abiding by someone else’s rules. The first step was to free myself of everybody else ideas and to figure out who I was without all that. As I set sail on this journey of self-discovery, my authentic self-began to shine through. I think a big part of breaking the cycles of anxiety and inadequacy comes largely from knowing who you are and loving that version of self exactly as it is, for through this unconditional self-acceptance the pressures of the “other” becomes less. So how do we learn to escape the inaccurate or unrealistic standards of who we ought to be? How do we handle the anxiety and fear that our society generates within us?

For me the first step was observing how I felt anxiety. It was different in each instance and it was important to know where the feeling of dread actually came from. By asking myself this question I would look within to see in what areas of myself it was that I felt inadequate, therefore enabling me to give extra love and care to these parts. There didn’t always have to be an outer reason, I was justified in feeling how I did, simply because I did. By focusing solely on outer causes, I would lead myself down a path where I only accepted what I felt was truly justified. Therefore when I say that I was observing where it came from I am referring to my inner world. I observed that when I was anxious I became detached and disconnected from the present moment, the fear was really all in my mind. I had nothing to be afraid of as I was not in danger, but this knowledge didn’t stop me from feeling what I was feeling. To understand was not enough, I had to embody presence in every inch of my body for it to fully help me in the ways I knew it could. As the feeling would intensify I would feel as though I had left my body. I would be watching myself unable to interact authentically or truly express how I felt. At the same time I would become overly conscious of the fact that I would be coming across as very strange, even though in most cases this was not the reality. I would begin to focus intently on the way that I was being received, causing me to spiral into a dark place of self-doubt and fear. What I have come to realize was that this feeling only arose when I felt like I couldn’t be me. It would arise as a fear of not having expressed myself authentically. I guess I was afraid of what people or the “other” would think of me. It was the knowledge that I wasn’t living up to who I knew I could, and felt like I should be, in that moment. It was the pressure of my own expectation that really got me. I would compare myself to who I was at other times and then beat myself up for not staying true to that authentic me. I found that the situations which induced anxiety were caused by the stress and the expectation of my daily life; jobs, studies etc. All were realities in which it was easy to feel as though I was not enough. Every day we head out into a world filled with inaccurate representations of reality and unrealistic standards of beauty and perfection. If we do not learn to love and accept ourselves unconditionally it is a world which can cause us a lot of suffering. Our outer worlds will always be full of triggers, many that we cannot change, but what we can do is heal from within. Through this understanding I was able to see that it was normal and more than okay to feel this way. In fact if anything was normal, it was to experience these feelings of inadequacy and anxiety. Knowing that essentially it was something that we all have to go through enabled me to accept myself in every moment of my endless journey of unconditional self-love and acceptance. It was the realization that I, like you, are not alone in it. We simply have to be honest enough with ourselves and the communities around us to seek the support that we need. What was truly important for me was focusing on imbedding new knowledge. Shedding myself of the fear and replacing it with love. I had to learn to allow my waves of anxiety to occur, I had to experience and accept them for what they were. I had to be as honest and upfront with myself and others about the way I felt at all times. Hiding within the fear simply because it was comfortable was not a long terms solution. I knew, like everything it would be a process. By starting to tackle our worries, fears and anxieties we take the first step on the path to shedding all of our conditioning. I would, and will lose myself along the way, fear and anxiety will creep up many times, but each time I find myself again I will gain invaluable self-knowledge and wisdom. I am strong enough, and so are you.

There is never a right or wrong way to feel. How you feel exactly in this moment is what you are supposed to be experiencing and through allowing yourself to feel all that you do, your emotions begin to flow past you, continuing on their endless cycle. They do not define or trap you because you are more than them. The more I accepted and felt my feelings of fear and anxiety the quicker they dispersed. I accepted that it was unrealistic to think that I would not feel this way at times, I am human after all. Instead I began to learn from my emotions. The more I came to know them the less they affected me. Wisdom was, and is still the key. While anxiety has different causes and manifestations, in varying degrees depending on the individual, the knowledge that you are exactly who you need to be, in exactly the right place in your journey, no matter what expectation tells you, I believe, helps to subdue some of the intense feelings of worry and fear. If you yourself  know that you are doing all that you can, then who is anybody else to make you feel as though you are not enough. You are completely enough exactly as you are in every moment.

Ultimately I believe that while society exists as it is, we will all experience some anxiety, worry and fear to varying degrees, and while it is almost inescapable, all we can do is learn to give ourselves the compassion and understanding that we all deserve. If we can’t accept these feelings as part of ourselves, we cannot expect others to either. By learning a deep compassion for all that we experience, we can in turn share this understanding with those around us who are also fighting their own battles. For even if it doesn’t appear so on the outside, everyone experiences such emotions, they are part of being human in a society that thrives off fear and control.

The unknown

As I dove into the depths of my mind I was presented with a completely new realm; a vast ocean of endlessly swirling possibilities and potentials, waiting to be cultivated from the subconscious to the surface:conscious awareness. The possibilities are truly limitless, requiring only our awareness to bring them to fruition. True empowerment lies beyond the realm of what is known by the mind, here exists a field of pure potentiality, a breeding ground for ultimate creation.

The unknown; an endless void full of unrealized possibilities, where everything exists as a thought rather than an actuality giving you the ultimate power to create the physical reality you have always desired.

In the society that we live in today the unknown is commonly seen through the eyes of fear. Amongst other things, this is due to the fact that subconsciously our minds have been conditioned and programmed to view everything unpredictable or unfamiliar as something to be afraid of. In reality this mind created fear is fear of what we think we know the unknown will hold. Essentially it is a nonexistent. See, in order to be afraid of something in this way you must be living outside the present moment. Since nothing exists outside of the now, this fear is simply the minds creation of a negative premonition of what you believe could happen. Doesn’t this seem ridiculous? To allow one’s mind to create scenarios that are simply possibilities and put so much weight on them that you begin to change your present self to accommodate to that fear?
Although this may seem ridiculous now it has been bought to your awareness, it is in fact a constantly looping cycle that many of us continue to play throughout our entire lives. We spend our whole lives unconsciously developing mental habits and tendencies, creating and cementing thought patterns and emotional responses to all the situations and experiences that we have been, are, and could possibly be experiencing, till it gets to the point that we think we can predict how things will go. It is one of the minds methods of control. If the mind thinks it knows what will happen next it feels safe. However these patterns can send us spiraling deeper and deeper into a world controlled by our own expectations, in this world we begin to truly live inside a trap created by our minds. A trap of expectation in which you have now allowed yourself to believe your mind knows how you will react or respond to situations in your life, therefore you are no longer giving yourself the option to choose from the limitless outcomes that are actually possible. This trap of expectation not only eludes us into living within the constraints of our self-expectation but also opens the door for others to treat us the same way.

Each mind has its own unique perception, no two people will ever perceive the exact same reality, it is both the most beautiful and tormenting aspect of who we are as beings. Each individual creates with their minds a picture of who they think they are; the “ego” self, the identity or personality. This “ego” self then continues to create an image for everyone they know based on their past actions, words, traits or experiences.  The “ego” self hates change, it hates the idea that someone,  or worse even you, could stray from this mentally fabricated image, because if you did it would lose control, it wouldn’t know who you were outside of your ego identity.

The fear takes over. The fear of the unknown, the fear of the you that exists outside of the mentally created image that identifies solely with the “ego” , the fear that is completely irrational and self-inflicted. This fear is non-existent for things will simply be as they are.  We as infinite beings of Love and Light know this, even if it has been buried deep beneath a sea of conditioning. We are forever growing and changing and if we don’t create a space for ourselves to undergo this natural growth and progression we become stagnant, living our whole lives trying to fit into not only our own mental image but also that of others or the environment around us. These unhealthy patterns begin to define us. Everything outside the image of who you are supposed to be ; the unknown you, the real you that exists beyond the trap of our minds, becomes something to be afraid of. Any decision that your mind believes could create an outcome outside of what you deem to know begins to scare you. Nobody wants to their life governed by fear.

Your mind is a survival tool. Fear is a survival mechanism that occurs when your brain senses a risk. A mechanism that was extremely useful in a time where we had to face life threatening situations in order to just feed ourselves and our family as it allows us to think creatively in the name of survival. Yet it has quickly become misplaced in a day and age where we no longer have to endure such dangers in our day to day lives.  The mind also uses fear and control to best serve the “ego” self which thrives off external approval and acceptance. Since the mind is driven by fear and control it likes nothing less than change or the unknown because its programming has not reached this far, in this realm it has no idea what patterns to put into play, and this scares it. However our minds are so much more powerful than we realize and can not only survive but thrive and create in the realm of the unknown, we just have to teach them how to. We can either choose to live our whole lives solely identifying and basing our self-value on our minds, allowing our thoughts to run ramped , completely governing our actions.

“We do not fear the unknown, we fear what we think we know about the unknown”
~Teal Swan~

Or we can choose to identify outside of the mind and seize control of our lives by choosing to step outside and view the antics of the mind from the point of an observer. In doing so we observe the “negative” patterns and thought processes and learn to catch ourselves in these habits, therefore we are no longer controlled or governed by them but we simply view them objectively. You begin to notice that although the “negative” thoughts and emotions still effect you, this effect no longer consumes you, it simply passes as you observe the same old habits comically, watching them slip away. Rather than seeing the thoughts that come to your mind or the emotions you feel as a definition of who you are, as you would if you identified solely with your ego self , you see it instead as an opportunity to gain more wisdom of your mind ,which in turn allows you to train it further.  By treating these free flowing aspects accordingly you have begun to actualize and align yourself with the universal law of impermanence, you now not only know but understand the impermanence of our external reality, and that within the framework of our bodies. This knowledge is extremely valuable because it allows us to gain true objectivity over the situations and experiences in our lives, as when we truly realize nothing lasts forever it allows us to detach ourselves enough to not allow every little thing to influence or define us. In regards to the “negative” thought patterns or emotions that are still there, you are now simply aware of them arising and then passing away, because like everything in this universe; they are impermanent. The less consumed you become by your thoughts and emotions the less power your mind has over you and the more true freedom you have. Once we free ourselves completely from this illusion of sense of self depending on and identifying solely with the mind, we come to see that the unknown is nothing to be afraid of, the unknown is the true breeding ground of all creation, creativity, growth and change. You begin to see it would make no sense that one could change or create something in an environment where one’s mind believes it can predict the outcomes. The unknown on the other hand is pure freedom, a void between what we know and what we could create if we truly begun to utilize our minds as the tools that they really are.

Dimensions of Consciousness

Could 5Th Dimensional consciousness be the gateway into a new realm of reality? The key to a world that exists here on the earth right before our very eyes? Perhaps this kingdom lies just beyond what we perceive, simply waiting to reveal itself…

Although it remains both philosophically and scientifically unexplained, its relationship to with objective world still a mystery; consciousness is something that we can all say exists. For consciousness itself is intrinsic to ALL that we experience. If it is undoubtedly existent , surely it must hold within it various levels or dimensions? For example one could say that animals experience a different level of self awareness to humans or that babies are not conscious in the same way that grown adults are. However, this is not to say that one experience of consciousness is better than another, simply that differences exist. So what if the waking state of consciousness experienced by fully developed humans also held within it varying degrees of awareness? or different dimensions, ones we could not begin to comprehend…
There are many parallel realities coexisting right before your eyes at this very moment, you are just unable to perceive them. If you were to hold a very high power microscope to your skin you would see millions of tiny Demodex folliculorum mites that can only survive on the skin of humans. This is just one of the many examples of how unaware we are of the infinite multitude of worlds that exist in different dimensions than our own. This topic is wildly beyond my understanding, almost impossible for those who have studied it intensely to articulate, but also, in my mind, the most fascinating and undiscovered area yet. My experiences have led me to explore this topic using the knowledge thus far and from the perspective I have experienced it from. This piece will explore how these levels of consciousness might not only alter the way we perceive material reality but also revolutionize the way we choose to see our relationship with others, society and the universe as a whole.

Mathematically speaking dimensions are not physical manifestations, but tools which we use to help us describe the relative position between two objects in space. However,  dimensions of consciousness in the sense intended here refer to the varying degrees of self awareness that we are able to access as multidimensional BEINGS who have simply forgotten the truth of who WE really are.
Through my words I aim to delve into how our level of consciousness correlates directly with how many of the dimensions of our reality we are truly able to perceive.

The world we live in today is scientifically and mathematically considered to be 3 dimensional, since three coordinates; length, width and depth are needed to locate a point within it. Therefore from a mathematical point of view, when people say we live in a 3D world they are essentially saying we live in a world where in order to describe the relative position between two objects in space, we require 3 numbers. Each number indicates how far you need to go in the three possible perpendicular directions to get from one object to the other.
The perception of  all 3 of these dimensions correlates with the level of consciousness experienced by human beings and the higher animal kingdom. These animals and human beings, with an awareness of all of these 3 dimensions, also hold a belief that they themselves are separate individuals, existing without any sense of the interconnectedness of all beings and actions.

3rd dimensional consciousness is defined by everything physical. The world is perceived in a completely material way through the 5 senses; sight hearing, smell, taste and touch as society urges us to believe that this is the only reality that exists. In 3d consciousness you feel as though you as an individual are walking this life alone. Life feels like survival of the fittest. Your sense of self and your identity are based on factors in your physical reality; by the way you look, by the car you drive, by the job you have or by the people that you surround yourself with. In this dimension of consciousness you are controlled, not only by society and your need to belong but also by your mind, and therefore the thoughts you have and emotions you experience. In many cases you are completely unaware of this. On observation you may come to realize that you are rarely ever truly present, that you spend most of your life living inside your head. Your version of present is commonly based on being physically present with no regards to where you are mentally. Mentally the majority of the time is spent living in the past or the future. Your life becomes an endless cycle of future imagination and dead past that constantly contributes to the ever growing image of “who you think you are” and how you “should be acting” in accordance with that image. Your fulfillment seems to come from the material aspects of life such as a promotion, social status, making money, buying a new car etc. through achieving these things you feel validated and successful. Everything in your life that seems to be uncannily “good” or “bad” is just a “coincidence” or a strange event that the mind tries to rationalize. Since you rely on your 5 senses to navigate the world you pay no regard to your 6th sense; intuition. In fact in many cases intuition is simply considered a superstition, something which you are so disconnected from that you cannot even seem to acknowledge its presence within you.

However a lot of joy comes from this reality, from the material comforts of life that give you all the instant gratification that you could ever desire. Chosen oblivion can make things simple.
Essentially you are born, you study, you work to survive, you die. You spend the little time that you get off from your 9-5 job consuming and overindulging in material pleasures. If you do manage to grasp what material success it is that you believe you desire, you continue to seek more, constantly craving, constantly wanting, always believing that if you catch hold of whatever thing you have set your mind on then you will be fully happy. You keep telling yourself, just this one more thing then I will be content and complete. Those who have everything they could ever want in a materialistic sense are often filled with a bottomless feeling of longing, incompleteness and emptiness that they cannot seem to satisfy. If only they knew the answer had been within the whole time.
Those choosing not to enlighten themselves from their minds, or open themselves to the truths of the universe. Those choosing to stay stuck in a dimension governed by fear, worry and doubt, everything upon which the ego feeds. They cannot see any dimension beyond what they know to be proven true. How could they ? for they have not experienced anything else. You would not deem it possible for a plant or ant from the lower animal kingdom, with awareness of only 2 dimensions of space; length and width, to perceive a third, would you?

Perhaps we feel more moments of 4th or 5th dimensional consciousness than we know. Maybe we all shift through dimensions without even realizing?  However, it is common that your new found perception, feeling or thought would most likely be quickly linked by the mind. The mind would link it to something that was taking place in your physical reality; a justification method in attempt to keep you trapped in the reality that you know. The known reality that feels safe and comfortable for your doubting mind.

To even begin to imagine how you could choose to perceive everything in your reality as necessary for your growth. How you could choose to live in a state of Ultimate BEING. That you could always try your best to embody Unconditional Love, Acceptance and Gratitude for all that IS, all seems ridiculous. Such words are considered a fiction of the imagination, crazy talk. It’s how the mind is naturally programmed to deal with such truths. In fact deep down you know the truth , like all of us it is embedded within in you.  You are just choosing to ignore it.  For, at the end of the day it is all a choice.

More thoughts flood my mind. 

Since we live in a 3D world moving through time, we are in fact living in a 4D reality already.  
If the 4th  dimension is time, objects in a 4D world are described in terms of length, width, depth and the specific time at which they are located. Collectively these 4 dimensions are interlinked and inseparable, known as space-time. In this 4th dimensional reality as we know it we cannot move freely in time, we move subjectively in one direction neither going back nor moving forward. Awareness of the real nature of  all 4 dimensions is experienced by shifting what is hidden deep within the unconscious mind to the surface of your conscious awareness. This new found consciousness is then experienced primarily through the higher self that exists beyond the physical form.

This higher self possesses the powers of advanced dreaming, imagination, psychic ability, intuition and creativity, all of which are bought to manifestation in our physical form through the expansion of our conscious mind. As far as I know to this day this level of awareness is only experienced by human beings in a 4th dimensional state of consciousness or higher. In this state the mind begins to open to the truth of Unity Consciousness; what affects one affects all. A truth which is essentially the key to all the struggle and mentally created suffering that continues to take place every day, as we continue to tell ourselves we do not have enough “time” to resolve what we have created, or that we do not have enough unpolluted “space” or resources for all to co-exist and ultimately thrive together.

A spark of consciousness starts to grow within you, as you enter the gateway, awakening to the interconnectedness of all that IS. Your priorities change. Your growth, mentally spiritually and emotionally becomes a priority, you desire to follow your passions and in doing so become more and more guided by your intuition; your sense of inner knowing. You are no longer driven by material success or outside validation, you seek a deeper meaning to life, for you know that there is so much more to this universe than meets the eye. You understand that life is what you make of it, that it is your choice to create and perceive it as you wish. You know that what exists outside is a direct reflection of your internal world. You realize you will never truly be happy till you free yourself from your mind, till you find that happiness that exists within you, for once you are grounded in your authentic state of ultimate BEING every passing present moment  in your external reality will be cherished as a blessing.

However this shift is not easy, it is the ultimate battle of two realities. The battle between all that you believed you knew and all that IS. The battle of the ego-mind and the higher self. As the battle intensifies it can feel as though you are going insane, as though you are being torn between two worlds. Ultimately you know the reality that aligns with your evolved state of consciousness yet perhaps your life circumstance still requires you to play the game. To delve into the 3D reality which is no longer existent to you.

You play the game, and you play well because you now understand that none of it matters it is all trivial nonsense, all that truly matters, all that is real, exists outside this box.

Yet sometimes you play too well. You get caught by the mind traps that are placed everywhere, hooked by the sensory stimulants that exist at every twist and turn, constantly aiming to make you crave, to seek more than you have, to never feel content with what IS.

If you are not established fully in what is just beginning to reveal itself to you, if you are not established in a 5th dimensional state of consciousness, if you have simply begun to grasp and feel what it is about, then of course you will jump between levels of consciousness. We all do as the control of the 3D world is still so powerful.

“The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness”
~Lao Tzu~

Yet you must detach yourself from all that you think you are in order to free yourself from the expectations of others and of yourself. You must  free yourself from the physical reality in which you have created this illusion of self. If you do not allow yourself to grow and change you will stay stuck within such a reality your whole life.

It is only in the unknown, free from everything that you believed to be true that you can truly establish yourself securely in your truth. Once you are fully grounded in your truth you cannot be sucked back, you cannot even begin to imagine living your life in any other way.

It is through accepting this, through accepting that there will be moments where we feel over run by old programs in our minds, where we feel trapped by our inner knowing, for it is through this Unconditional Acceptance of ourselves and of all that is occurring as necessary for our growth that we become more established in our authentic truth with each passing moment. It is through the realization that in reality the 4th dimension; time, is not fixed, nor does it even exist beyond the perception of what we believe it to be. Time is a man-made construct, used to keep track of past and future events. It holds no tangibility. If time were a tangible thing that was existent before we conceptualized it how would it  be so subject to the ever changing state of our perception?

Essentially our level of consciousness is the primary definition of the perception of our reality. By raising our consciousness, our perception naturally changes. Therefore since our consciousness holds the power, “time” is only existent as a concept perceived as real within the minds of a collective group. It is used as a method of keeping control and order in play within the society that we live in today. We have the power to choose whether we live our lives governed by this man-made construct that was essentially created to keep track of events that are no longer or not yet real. We will always only ever be experiencing the present moment.

Beyond the illusion of our minds, in a higher state of consciousness and awareness you awake to the truth that the past and future are simply co-existing parallel realities in the NOW. The story version of self that exists only in the mind quickly begins to dissipate. Although our physical vessels, as we know them today, may be subject to some concept of passing “time” or the passing of many NOW’s, we as BEINGS are not. Our higher selves, the timeless essence of being that exists outside of all that is physical is not. This timeless essence is the real “you”, it is the sense of awareness that is somehow above and beyond everything else, it is the basis of all your experiences. This timeless essence unfolds evermore as we allow ourselves to shift through the dimensions of consciousness that already exists within us. It is only through conscious choice that we begin to shift to a higher state of ultimate BEING, a new level of awareness that allows us to stay grounded in this new dimension of reality; the 5th dimension, the dimension of spirit. This 5th dimensional awareness of not only the true nature of all 4 dimensions but also of the timeless essence that exists within us all changes our perception of all that exists.

Suddenly it is as if in every NOW moment we are being presented with all possibilities, from all times, within all timelines. You are always being born. You are always going to school. You are always dying. The spirit is not constrained to linear time or space, therefore neither are YOU. When living always fully present in this NOW moment your eyes are opened to the reality that is before you.  In each arising and passing moment there are an infinite number of possibilities and timelines to choose from. As the physical embodiment of the spirit you are the true observer, you are the creator and master. You are personally involved in the creation of everything within your reality. As the embodiment of this higher self, this real “you” that lives through Unconditional Love, Unconditional  Gratitude and Unconditional Acceptance, the light that radiates from every depth of your being transforms your whole reality.
Now imagine a world where every being perceives the universe from a state of 5th dimensional consciousness…