༻❁༺If there is anything omnibenevolent in this remarkably bizarre world, it is love. Shapeshifting, all encompassing, unconditional love. A love that is real and true begins within. It begins when we learn to love wholly, to fully cherish the entirety of our being, throughout every moment of this crazy journey. Only then can we emanate a love with no expectation of reward or reciprocation, a love so full that it spills over onto all who cross our paths, a love that is universal by nature. The array of pieces and posts below will all be centred around this theme, representing love in all its many shapes and forms༻❁༺

“Where there is life, there is love”    ~Mahatama Ghandi~

All is love

There are only two foundations for everything that is happening in this universe; love and fear. Every other emotion is generated from these two bases. The path that leads us to action is first sensory, then mental and finally leads to a physical act. Therefore not only our emotions generated from either love or fear, but our doings too. In essence it is impossible to be acting from both a space of love and of fear. One either responds through love, with feelings of compassion and kindness, or through fear, projected hatred, jealousy and anger into the world.

Since the two are complete opposities they are both one and the same, opposing ends of the very same spectrum. When they appear to be of the utmost contrast they are in fact woven with the same thread. For two things are one when you cannot have one without the other. Say, for example, if the contrast did not exist, we would not be able to distinguish love for love.

This apparent dual nature is evident everywhere in reality. What we must learn is to generate our feelings, thoughts and actions from a place of love. This orientation can only begin once we find that love within ourselves; the single most important thing in all of our lives.

Only then can we begin to spread our love to all beings in this universe. Only then can we work together for the positive transformation of all life on earth.