༻❁༺ Traveling broadens your perspective, opens your mind and allows you to explore the depths of your own heart & soul away from all expectation. Wandering is a space where I will be exploring the lessons and realizations that have come to me through travel. It is also a place where I will be documenting and sharing some of the skills I have learnt along the way ༻❁༺

“Certainly, travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.” ~Miriam Beard~

A wonderful recipe for natural soap

This revitalizing, organic, biodegradable, olive oil based soap, is a beautifully simple recipe that I learnt from a dear friend during my 3 weeks at the Saja project in Sicily. She makes these incredible soaps from scratch, with all locally sourced ingredients; mostly homegrown or from close friends, and sells them to order for super affordable prices. Be sure to check out her page in the link below.



  • 280g (20 days) -300g (30 days)  demineralized or distilled water. The days next to the measurements point to the amount of time it will take for your soap to set properly. The water can be bought or distilled at home.
  • 134g Caustic Soda  DO NOT TOUCH, BREATHE OR SMELL.
  • 1kilo raw extra virgin olive oil
  • Any desired coloring; Bay leaves, tomato paste, nettles, Spirulina etc.
  • Desired scent; any amount and scent of essential oils up to 20ml is recommend (for 1kg of oil). 
  • Extra herbs for scent or decoration; lavender, rosemary, mint etc.
  • 1 teaspoon of flour.

What you need

  • A table or surface that can be dirtied / cover with a plastic table cloth
  • Scales
  • Measuring jugs or containers for oil and water
  • Moulds to shape the soap
  • Electric mixer
  • Special cup for caustic soda
  • Something to smooth the soap at the end
  • Goggles, gloves and mask for handling the caustic soda

Step 1.

Measure out desired amount of water and the caustic soda in separate containers.

A specific cup is designated for the caustic soda to keep the toxic powder separate from the other ingredients

Step 2.

Pour the soda into the water. NEVER pour the water into the soda as the chemical reaction can be explosive. At this stage it is important to be careful that the soda doesn’t get in your eyes or nose (goggles & mask are recommended). At first the mixture will be extremely hot, so set it aside to cool. While the soda is toxic at first, when it mixes with the oil later in the process its fatty acids transform into salt; the soap.

Step 3.

In a small cup, mix the flour with the essential oils. The flour helps to store the scent of the essential oils, infusing the soaps with a lasting fragrance of your choice.

Dried lavender from the garden

Step 4.

Measure out the oil in a large container and collect water and caustic soda. By now it should have cooled to around 40 degrees. To check the temperature, touch the outside of the container, if it is cool enough to keep your hand on then it is ready. Add the mixture to the oil and mix with electric blender until consistency is almost thick.

Oil, water and caustic soda ready to blend

Step 5.

Add any colouring, herbs or extra essential oils. The extra oil will give the soap a beautiful smell when you smell it as well as when you use it. Continue to blend till it is thick.

Step 6.

Pour liquid into moulds and shake gently to settle the mixture smoothly. Use tiny spatula or smoothing device to get soaps as even as possible. Leave to set for 48hrs.

Soap mixture freshly poured into the moulds (the little spatula is used to smooth them out)

Step 7.

Remove from moulds and shave any rough bits, then set aside for 20-30 days as the reaction fully takes place.

Soap shaving time

Step 8. Take a long overdue shower with your incredible home-made soaps;)

The power of trust ♡

The only universe that we ever experience is through the eyes of our own perception. Therefore, in order to trust  the universe, we must trust fully in ourselves first.

Being a petite young woman, it was paramount to have complete trust in myself, in my intuition, my judgement and ultimately, my journey.

It was important that I trusted that I was always being guided and protected at all times, not as form of nativity, but rather, as a way of acknowledging that all that I was experiencing was exactly what was meant to be. The situations that I attracted into my life were necessary for my growth, a direct reflection of my inner world.

One of my biggest challenges, was the fact that for the way I look, I am already naturally put at a “disadvantage” for essentially just being me. It was a truth that took me a long time to come to terms with, and is still something I am working to overcome to this day. In the world we live in today you are considerably more vulnerable to the horrors of the word as a small young female; subject to not only the same dangers as everybody else but also those posed by deliberately oblivious or undereducated men.

Although we continue to fight for an equally safe environment for beings of all sexes, the world is still full of racism, sexual abuse and inequality. I was also conscious of the fact that while in the west we may have made progress towards an egalitarian society, the rape culture was still very much real in a lot of the countries I was visiting. “ Even in Germany, rape laws were amended only in 1997 to create a legal category of marital rape”. As women we must do everything in our power to prevent the limitation of our freedom due to sex, simultaneously acknowledging how we may be perceived by others.

Being very aware that I cannot ignore my vulnerability or change it as it’s due to my physical appearance, frustrated me. I was filled with a a lot of anger towards the world. Emotion that needed to be channeled. Although I have never been one to let the way I appear limit me, the very knowledge that it changed the way people treated me made me furious.

Throughout my experiences, my perspective on the matter has been transformed. My anger at the world faded as I came to realize that simply feeling this way, would not change anything, rather I focussed on not allowing it to limit me. I did not change the way I dressed or presented myself, I just choose to be more aware. I realized it was in fact empowering. It was fulfilling to experience life without letting your physical appearance limit or define you.

And while it still meant that there were certain situations that were more dangerous because of how I looked, there were others that were made better for the same reason. By overcoming what seemed to be such a limitation at the time, I realized I was doing my part in the progression towards equality and awareness.

The best way to address this situation in my eyes is to always be completely aware of how you are coming across to someone who doesn’t know you at all. It is very important to be aware of cultural differences and language barriers as due to this so much unnecessary conflict occurs. An item of clothing or a gesture completely harmless to you, could be completely offensive in another culture, despite the purity of your intentions. Communicating properly and not assuming that people will understand,  could’ve been the solution to many conflicts that arose through miscommunication.

By being aware of my presence and the impact that I have on people, I have learnt to create energetic boundaries. Boundaries which allow me to be me, whilst at the same time emanating an air of confidence, which in turn helps to protect from any negative situations or energies who would wish to take advantage of my physical vessel. Since creating these boundaries I have found myself in situations in which I could’ve easily been in danger had it not been for this forcefield.

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” To travel is to evolve” ~ Pierre Bernardo ~

Recently we have been hitchhiking a lot and therefore putting ourselves in potential danger as our lives have been completely in the hands of those giving us a ride. On two occasions we have been approached by men asking if they could receive some kind of sexual favor in return for the lift.

However, what was interesting about the situations was how these men even bothered to ask, they had no reason to since we were completely within their power, in their car, in the middle of the outback, miles from anywhere. It was a truly empowering experience to feel this protected by both myself and the universe when the situation could’ve taken a very different turn. It allowed me to free myself of any remaining fears or doubts that I had due to my size and sex, and to embody the fearless warrior who will never allow any part of myself to limit me.

I personally believe that when it is my time to go it won’t matter where I am.

Once you have taken all the physical precautions that you can to make a situation as safe as possible for yourself, without allowing it stop you achieving anything, you must simply trust that you will only ever attract what you need. It’s important that when you are in potentially dangerous situations, that you don’t hold doubt within, as this could easily manifest as a negative situation in the outer world. If you feel uneasy or uncertain, listen to your intuition.

I found that it was also helpful to be aware of the messages that present themselves to you. By observing the synchronicities, you know when things are right, as they seem to flow with so much ease it almost seems magical. You come to see how your mindset and attitude towards life do directly influence the situations you attract to yourself and the way in which you perceive those experiences.

There is no point worrying once you have done everything you can to make a situation as safe as possible, as this worry achieves nothing and only means that you begin to live through your mind created fear, therefore attracting “negative” or dangerous situations into your life. Our minds are a lot more powerful than many of us realize.

The words above are not an encouragement to walk blindly into dangerous situations using the justification of your trust in yourself and the universe. I aim to illustrate that once you have done everything you can, the rest is out of your control; therefore you do not need to let your fear or worry limit you. After all, you are the master and creator of your reality. Through your experiences you will learn to let your intuition (or universal mind) guide you, you will simply know when things are right or wrong. Allow yourself to trust in your judgement. Like everything in life it’s all about the balance. Balance trust with precaution and you will never be limited.

“Finding yourself” cliche vs reality♡

The cliche of traveling to find yourself is something that has always fascinated me. Like most cliches and stereotypes, it had to have come from somewhere, and I was intrigued to explore its origin and discover for myself whether it was something that was true. In my mind the misunderstanding lies in the definition of what finding yourself actually means. We all have very different understandings of words and phrases so it is important to define what this means to me first.

Often when we speak of finding ourselves we seem to imply that it is an end in itself, that you will simply find all your answers and then that’s it, the journey is over. This then manifests as the common cliche;” I went traveling and I found myself”. To me, this is a misconception, and an inaccurate representation of reality. Whilst finding yourself infers an end, self discovery is an endless journey, one that many realize the true value of and therefore embark on when they begin to travel. We as beings are forever changing and growing and can only know ourselves truthfully in the present moment. Any other idea of who we are simply exists as a story of the past or a possibility in the future. There will always be more to you, more hidden aspects and parts of yourself that will be revealed to you throughout your life. Self discovery, like everything, is a process. It is a path that you continue to walk for rest of your life. Life is forever flowing and evolving and so are you, therefore your priorities wants and desires will change with you. I cannot imagine a point where you will be ultimately found.

As you travel you begin to see the extent of our adaptability. You see how easily we can become different versions of ourselves in accordance with the different situations we find ourselves in. Nothing spurs the illumination of new parts of yourself more new experience. If your mind believes it knows how you “should” act, you are never given the chance to do otherwise. With the awakening of new experience many parts of yourself that you never knew to exist before, come out to shine. This allows you to ultimately understand and know yourself better, away from other people’s, and your own, expectations. By traveling you give yourself the opportunity to be seen in a different light. You can now be seen for who you are in this present moment, most likely someone who has grown far beyond the image that has been held over you. Through seeing these many versions of yourself you not only come to know and see your natural strengths and weaknesses but also to know what version of yourself truly aligns with your full potential and the person that you want to be.

I believe that the illusion of having to traveling to “find yourself” also lies in the fact that in reality it does not matter where you are or who you’re with, you always have the power to delve within, to discover, to heal yourself and to begin to learn to embody your full potential, at any moment. It’s all a choice, the true self you seek is within you right now at the very moment that you read this.

While this is the truth, I also fully acknowledge that it can be very hard to heal yourself in the place you got sick, especially if you have lost sight of being or feeling any other way than you do now. Free from these fears, doubts and expectations that once weighed you down, in a place where no one knows you, you may finally feel as though you can change and embody the incredible being that you always have and always will be. As you begin to travel and experience new aspects of life your perspective widens and your mind begins to expand. As you exchange ideas and beliefs with different people from all walks of life you begin to view yourself and the universe in a very different way. By exchanging our individual truths and experiences with the people we meet we create connections, which in turn bring us closer to a world of complete acceptance, understanding and unconditional love for ALL. A place where everybody’s truth and well-being holds as much significance as the next person. With this widened perspective and understanding of humanity, we allow ourselves to become less affected by the  little things in our lives that once bothered us so much and seemed so all consuming. This in turn opens our minds to the truth that everything is only really as significant as you allow or choose it to be. You are now empirically aware of so many different aspects of this world; how beautiful, fragile, essential and precious our environment is and how much destruction horror and tragedy has occurred and is still occurring every single day. Suddenly the problems that you deemed so great back home dissipate before your eyes, as you realize that they were all self-inflicted mind created sufferings that held only as much power over you as you had given them.

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” A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions” ~ Oliver Wendell Holmes ~

We as human beings have become so destructive and negative towards the planet, each other and ourselves, we really have strayed further and further away from all the simple truths that are essential to the survival and progression of the human race and this beautiful universe that we all share. Before traveling or venturing out of our comfort zones the only reality that we know empirically is our little bubble of reality where we are so “content”. A bubble in which you may have been aware of these truths, yet you had never experienced them, you had never felt the indescribable pain or the inexplicable beauty of this world. Such things never truly impact the way you feel, think or act until you experience them for yourself.

Through these words I hope to have illustrated that the true profundity of self realization is so much more than the cliche “finding yourself” does justice to. Travel is just one way of taking ourselves into the unknown and freeing ourselves from all the constraints that we inhibit in our lives.